Why I stop using Kindle

I have both Kindle and Kobo ebook readers, but I am using the Kobo ereader a lot more. Here is why...

Why I stop using Kindle

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the hardware, the app on devices are good too. There are also generous plenty of supply of good books and magazines that I can buy.

However, I have now switched to the Kobo camp. Why

This is mainly because the Kobo eReaders can read books and magazines from overdrive. The biggest benefit of this is that I can borrow books and magazines from my local library. I can do that at the comfort of my own home. When I finish reading the book, I can return it electronically. If I forget to do so, the app will automatically return that for me. So I shall never get a fine again for late return. Similarly , I can reserve books that are being read by other users of the library.

On the long run, this will save me a lot of money. I do not need to buy books, especially those that I do not intend to keep.

There are a lot of good features on the Kindle side that the Kobo needs to catch up, but in general the Kobo eReaders are entirely useable. I just wish that Kindle / Amazon will one day enables similar feature that I can do the same from my Kindle Oasis.