Why I do blog

This is my first blog on this platform. I wrote sparingly before on medium.com but I think I would do this more often with a consistent theme.

What would I write about ? This may change during the course of my journey. For now, I think I would mainly cover in the technology, gadget, productivity, personal knowledge management area. My current focus is to share my experience in using technology, apps, hardware, gadgets and some process improvement tricks. My goal is to help home. My target readers are the general home users to entrepreneurs. I want to help my readers feeling easier to adopt new technology, enhance their personal & work productivity and generally have a better quality of life and enhanced productivity to achieve business goals for those entrepreneurs.

I do not want this blog to have any commercial content as a means of generating income. I know there are a lot of successful bloggers who earn a lot but this is not the intention of this series of blog. I find the commercialisation makes it very distracting for my readers.

What can I offer

I was trained as an engineer. My thinking is mostly logical and process driven. I am not an expert or specialised in any engineering field. However, the training taught me to be analytical and data driven. My later training on business management made me realise that it is more important to consider what and why we are doing certain things than just how good we can do them. My passion about technology (mainly in IT) let me have a broad exposure to various gadgets, applications.etc.

I become very interested in applying technology to help myself on personal and work aspects. However, I do not want to become so specialised and focus on a narrow field. There are many experts that I can call upon and ask for their specialised knowledge or skills. Rather, I want to be good at doing “triage”, like a GP. I am the generalist who are able to point the general users to pick the right tool, the best process for meeting their needs. Sometimes I am the one who have to work with the users to find out their needs (sometimes this may not be obvious). I believe I can offer more general help by doing this rather than being a specialist in one narrow field

Structure of the future blog

I cannot say that I have a very structured framework set for the blog for the next 6-12 months. Most likely the topics will change from blog to blog but still be within the realm of

  • Computers
  • Gadgets
  • Software / App
  • Personal knowledge management
  • Personal & work Productivity
  • Cybersecurity for general home and business users

Starting point of a journey

This is my first blog. I hope this is the first one of the series. I want to maintain this theme but the theme may change. I sincerely welcome feedback from readers. I am not sure how this feedback loop is going to work yet. I shall continue to explore. I believe an interactive community is much better than a one-direction communication from myself who will only guess whether the readers like or dislike.

I shall leave this for now. Signing off…