Why am I using a Mac, not Windows PC

Used Windows OS for 25 years, then switched to MacOS and never look back. There are many things in the Mac environment that I just cannot find the equivalent in Windows

Why am I using a Mac, not Windows PC

I know this topic is going to be quite controversial. I started off with Windows (before that was DOS 3.3, I think. I am definitely showing off my age) and have been using that on different versions. From memory, I went through Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 8, 10 . I even tried Windows 11.

I have to admit that Windows 11 has become a very polished OS. In some areas, it works even better than MacOS, such as window management.

The main reason for me to stick with Mac are two prime reasons.

First, the Apple hardware ecology is a big success. It really locks you in with a lot of benefits that you are not going to leave that easily. Tight integration between the Apple hardware and software (OS) is a key advantage. Most Mac users also embrace other hardware such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, etc. It is quite nature for Mac users to continue their work or usage from Mac to iPad or iPhone.

Second reason for me to choose Mac is that there are certain app that I just cannot find the equivalent in the Windows world. Just to name a few :

  • Alfred
  • Hazel
  • Devonthink
  • Ulysses (the app that I use for writing this)

Having been a Windows using for 25 years then Mac user for 20 years, I am certainly out of touch on the Windows software offerings. Maybe I am quite wrong on the uniqueness of the Mac apps. Appreciate others can provide their comments or constructive feedback