I learned so much just by writing blogs

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

When I decided to start writing blog, I thought I would not last after 2-3 blogs. What I did not expect is the benefits it come with writing blog. I am sure that not everyone has the urge or interest to writing blog. In a way, it is like busking in a quiet street. You can keep singing or playing whatever musical instrument, but there is no guarantee that anyone would listen. People may be interest how the busker dresses, how bad she or he is playing, try to probe and think why someone wants to do this at all.

What I did not expect are the things I learned along the way. It is like I appreciate more about the journey than the destination. First I now understand why so many users like the app Ulysses that I am using to write all blogs, including this one. I am doing this at the comfort of my sofa, using Ulysses on iPad. The app is so friendly that it allows me to write without having any distraction at all. In a way, iPad is better suited as it is the only app on the monitor, I do not get to see the incoming email, someone pinging me on WhatsApp, etc. I just keep writing and writing. When it is done, I can publish directly to my blog site.

The next thing I learned is setting up WordPress on my hosting site. I initially started my blog on medium.com and micro.blog, which I still do for the time being. Many people keep telling me that ultimately I should be setting up my blog on my own site. Unlike medium.com and micro.blog, I can setup my site the way I want. I taught myself to set up WordPress site. I bought a few online course to learn the setup. After watching two online video sessions (out of 25), I decided to try it myself. It was not hard at all. After 3 hours, I made a fully functional but basic blog site. It is not pretty at all but it works. I then enhanced the site by using more WordPress plug-ins.

Once I have an operational site, I started to consider the next step. How to minimise the ongoing cost of hosting. I researched on how to avoid breaking the bank by optimising the storage of images, otherwise the storage need will become more and more costly after a few years (if I keep all the blog as archives on my site). I learned about using cloud storage, a step from just using Google Drive and iCloud. I am considering using Amazon S3, Wasabi and Backblaze B2 cloud solution.

I am sure that I am only scratching the surface here. I do not know what I do not know yet. No doubt there will be new skills to learn, in order to keep this blogging service sustainable for myself and for my readers. I do not want to end up like the busker with no audience.

The lesson here is simple. No matter what hobbies you want to take up, there are a lot of fun and things that you can enjoy and learn along the time. There may be some investment you may need to make, time & money but it is worth it.

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