I am back and want to share how I use iOS and Android together

I am back

Mainly because of health reason, I took a break from writing my blog regularly. Now my battle for cancer may not be over in a couple of months, so I decided that one way to keep my mental health and sanity is to get myself occupied with what I am passionate about, i.e. tech projects and writing blogs.

So I am back to sharing my tech projects in a series of blogs that come out in the next couple of weeks

I found a way to get the best of iOS and Android devices

In the last 15 years or so, I am primarily an Apple Guys.

  • My iPhone 13 Pro Max has been my daily primary phone
  • I have several Mac, a 14” M1 Pro Mac Book Pro and a M1 Mac mini as my desktop machine
  • I have a 2020 12.9” iPad Pro and a iPad mini 6
  • I have a Series 6 Apple Watch with LTE connection. This plays an important role on my combined OS approach.

However, I always like to maintain up-to-date on other OS devices

  • I used to have a Pixel 5. I sold this, and I bought a Pixel 7 Pro. I love this Android phone for several reasons that I outline later.
  • I have a Pixel Chrome book, continue to update the OS
  • I have built a Debian box using an old Intel NUC running old Intel© Core™ 17–3537U CPU @ 2.00GHz × 2 and 8Gb with an 8Gb of SSD. I shall share my tech projects using this box in subsequent blogs later.

Now back to the main topic….

Courtesy from YouTube – https://youtu.be/xf2DPY3vGto

I have now used the new Pixel 7 Pro as my primary phone. The reason for this switch is

  1. The camera app is far superior to the Apple camera app. The Google AI supporting the camera hardware produces much better results, at least compared with my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Maybe Pixel 7 pro is comparable to iPhone 14 pro series. There are a number of reviews, such as from MacRomurs and Cnet
  2. For me, the Google photo app is also better than the App Photo App. Again the Google AI makes better memories and recognition of faces and locations. It is also much easier to share photos with others.

The Google Play Pass is a better choice than the Apple Arcade games as it has far more games and apps that I can use without paying for individual titles.

However, there are also pros in using the iPhone and Apple Watch

  1. I use my iPhone as my primary device for verifications of my banking apps and other critical services. I prefer the iPhone due to its better security and privacy features.
  2. I have been using Siri to set up my reminders. I also used Goodtask to turn reminders to a full task manager. I stopped subscription to todoist and stopped using Things 3.
  3. There are a number of essential apps that exist only in the Apple’s ecology. This include Devonthink for Mac, IPad , Eaglefiler, [https://c-command.com/eaglefiler/] for Mac, Mailmate for Mac, Anybox for iPhone, iPad and Mac, busycal for iOS and Mac, Notebooks App for iPhone, iPad and Mac, etc. etc.
  4. As Mac, iPhone and iPad are still my main devices for serious work and getting timely notifications, I cannot ditch them but I need to make them accessible to me all my waking hours

So this is my solution, it may not work for everyone but certainly works for me…

I forward the calls from my iPhone number to my Pixel 7 Pro. This way, I would not miss any call to my primary number.

I use Pixel 7 pro to make calls. I love the call holding and call screening. It helps me to stop a lot of spam calls.

To get notifications from my Apple devices, I keep wearing my Apple Watch. As it has LTE connections, I still able to receive all the notifications even when I am not at home. I can even use the Watch apps to control some of the iOS app functions if I have to.

Wrap up

So far the combination of the Pixel 7 pro gives me the benefits of taking wonderful photos and the Apple Watch let have continuous accessibility to the Apple apps

I shall continue to fine turn the combination to make it more streamlined and with enhanced functionality. I shall share any update at the right time.

As always, I welcome any comments, questions and suggestions