Build expandable, fun learning toys for kids

I really like the toy that I can grow and continue to attract interest for the kids

Build expandable, fun learning toys for kids

No doubts many people has the experience of buying toys for kids, only to find out that they get bored of playing the expensive toys in a few hours.

What about having a toy that you can continue to add different parts to it as the kid grows. I think I found such toy from one of the Kickstarter project called X-Kit. Not only you can add parts to the basic set , you can teach your kids to program the robotic action to perform different tricks.

The set comes with a base (they called it the hub) that is the core of hardware. The base is where ti connects with other parts mechanically and electronically. It has

  • built in motor
  • the IO ports
  • rechargeable battery
  • micro USB data port
  • IR sensors
  • Start / Stop button

The magic of the X-kit comes with a Windows / iOS / Android app that can be used as remote control, visual programming and produce 3D printer files for custom designed projects

Obviously, the parents would not expect a 6-year kid to design the project and print out the parts from the 3D printer without any help. This is why this is the perfect toy for the family, both the kid and the parents will have fun to grow the set by custom designing and expanding the current design template.

I supported the Kickstarter project as super early bird and it cost me only $89. Even at regular retail price, I think it is quite a good investment for the family. I wish the developer will help to set up a user community so that custom design templates can be shared.

I also wish more of these “expandable” toy set to be developed.