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By training, I am an engineer. I worked over 40 years as an engineer, project manager, people manager and finally as the regional lead for a top 10 Fortune 500 company to construction their regional infrastructure program. I stopped working full time  2 years ago to pursue what I like to do.

Six months ago, I select blog writing as the best means to share my personal experience and knowledge with the target audience. I spent many months and finally chose Ghost.org as the platform of choice for my blogs for the values that Ghost.org brings.

The topics I am interested at this moment are -

  • technology (this includes computers, hardware, software, apps, etc)
  • cybersecurity
  • personal knowledge management
  • personal and work productivity
  • other life hack ideas
  • and may also include COVID news, some politics, economy, other current affairs, etc., but these could be in the minority.

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